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How to Win the Game of Ludo Every Time?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Ludo Game
Ludo All Star - Ludo Game

Ludo game is the most popular board game compared to other board games these days.

In a short period of time many ludo game download have happen on play store. The android based ludo games have all amazing features that you will want to have in this game. The online ludo is one of the most strategic and unpredictable game and sometimes tough to hack. But, here you will check out a few tricks to get the higher number of the dice like four, five or six. Each ludo game apps have got 2 parts safe zone & unsafe zone.

Features of the Ludo All Star Game:

· Chat system with the opponent

· Have live conversation when playing this game with the opponent

· Mobile vs Player mode game (two players or four players)

· Send Emojis during chat

· Online multiplayer (two players and four players)

· Offline multiplayer (two players, three players, four players)

· Change the ludo game online background

· Online and friend mode (chat room feature and share it with the friends on different messengers & play game with your best friends)

· You can challenge your friends & buddies on the game

· You can connect with the Facebook friends.

Board Game

By doing ludo game downloading you are jumping more into strategy game rather than the luck.

There is no any cheats code for increasing your odds of winning but there are a few tricks to get the number of six. So here, you will check out a few tricks of playing the ludo online board game just by following these simple tips then you will win almost each online ludo game.

Tricks For Winning Ludo game Online

· Open your pieces, when you get your chance.

· Take time to think & take best move possible. Follow the strategy think, and play and

download ludo. Practice will make you perfect thus play more game as well as learn good tricks.

· Try and remember number that will lead you to best place and number that can allow you to kill your opponent.

· Never keep running just single piece and invest the numbers on all pieces.

· Keep piece in the safe place & move with the bigger numbers this can prevent you from being killed.

· Kill opponents and this can increase your odds of winning the game.

· Suppose you have the number that is not of any use for your pieces, move this piece that is closest to your starting point.

· Suppose the defeat is totally inevitable turn the mobile data off & your game will be restored. It is how you will not lose your game.

· More you can move the pieces logically, you will prevent the pieces from being killed by the opponent.

· Suppose you are in the dilemma between the victory and killing your opponent, you should go for the victory. Kill your opponent pieces in case the number is very small that can be 1 or 2 so that you will get the chance to play it again or download ludo game again.

Ludo game is for everyone, youngsters and adults and senior citizens all can enjoy it equally.

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