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Improve Your Skills by Playing Ludo

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The online ludo game has made a strong comeback. Right from being a highly appreciated game in 90s to being the current game that people cannot seem to have enough of.

The online ludo game gets much better when the players bring their tokens in their houses before all the opponents. Ludo is accessible easily over the internet and on smartphones.

You may easily play this with your friends as well as random players online when you feel like, just a simple Ludo game download is required.

But it’s more of the skill-based game compared to the luck game, and luck appears when you cannot strategize this any longer. With an increasing popularity of the Ludo game, many players are having fun playing these most popular games online.

Thus, here are a few tips that you may apply when playing ludo game and increase your odds of winning, there are many ludo game apps available on play store for your entertainment:

· Be sure about yourself and set aside the opportunity to think an ideal move, and play. You will start to be quick in this, more you play, better the ludo game decisions you can make.

· Open all your tokens, if you find an opportunity.

· Use the dice numbers on each piece. Suppose you keep your focus on one token, then odds are it will be killed.

· Remember what number will lead you to best place and what number can give you the chance to beat your opponent.

· Beat the opponents in each chance of online ludo you get and showing any type of leniency might land you in the trouble.

· Move your token that is must closer to the home ground with higher numbers. Make use of the small numbers on the tokens that are just coming up short on the house of ludo online.

· Suppose your token is much closer to your home and get a chance to beat your opponent, you should go for victory. You can beat your opponent if number is very little (one or two) with goal that you will get the opportunity to play one time more.

· Suppose you get the number, which is not any great in your tokens, and then move your piece, which is closest to beginning stage.

· Each ludo game player should focus on just one point. And it is to make all four of the tokens up & running as fast as the time permits. Suppose that does not happen, you will just have the limited choices for the specific dice throw & high chances of getting ‘killed’

· When all the tokens are out on play, you need to ensure that each one of them moves at a same time. It is the same as keeping the ‘run rate’ just like cricket. More options you have better are your odds of winning the game.

· Suppose you get the big number after dice throw, move your ‘oldest’ coin much closer to Home Area.

· Pit Spots –The ludo games provides three pit stops & these are very basic from the important view point. When you come at Stop 0 or Stop 1, token getting killed will not bother you much when ludo game downloading.

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