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Online Game Ludo or Snake & Ladders – Make Your Choice

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Online Ludo or Snake and Ladders are both the different games although both will involve rolling of a dice.

Ludo game is highly lubricious and you will know where you actually are going, eventually you will get there.

In snakes and ladders game, it creates the illusion of accelerating the progress, however, the ludo game have got more obstacles, thus result in this progress is volatile, patchy as well as unpredictable.

Both board games can be played between 2 and more players on a board having the numbered gridded squares.

Suppose we compared both these games ludo game online is highly skilled & interesting game compared to Snake and Ladders game. In order, to understand wisely, continue ludo game downloading.

Ludo Game

The ludo game is known as a board game that will be played by two or four players.

In a Ludo game, players need to race four tokens from beginning to end point as per the role of dice.

It’s very much similar to other board games that involve cross & circle, particularly Pachisi game.

But, it is very easy than Pachisi. Online ludo and variants have actually achieved the widespread popularity in a lot of countries across the world under different names.

Origins & earlier Ludo history

The ludo game got originated in India around 6th century.

Proof of the game is the Ajanta caves that are an earliest proof of the game being played in India.

Among ancient time, Pachisi game that is similar as Ludo was played by various Mughal emperors.

When we talk about history, Mughal Emperor Akbar liked to play Pachisi game live. Some other variations of the board game were been introduced to England across the late 19th century.

These versions that appeared around 1896 were patented successfully under the Ludo name.

Snake and Ladders

It is one of the most ancient board game that is played between 2 and more players on the online ludo game having numbered and gridded squares.

In snake & ladder game the number of snakes & ladders will be pictured on a board, and each one will be connecting 2 specific board squares.

Main motive of the game is positioning a game piece, from beginning (bottom square) to end (top square), and hindered or helped by ladders & respectively. Snake and Ladders game is the simple race based totally on luck.

Start playing this game:

In the board, every player puts the counter on space that has ‘start here’ sign that you will know when you ludo game download.

Then, player takes turns to roll a dice and move the counter forward over the spaces shown on a dice.

· If player counters lands on a bottom of the ladder, you will move up to top of your ladder.

· Player who gets on the space says ‘home’ is a winner.

· Suppose counter lands on head of the snake than just slide down to bottom of snake.


Both these board games have their popularity but when we talk about the comparison between both Snake & Ladder and online ludo game than without any doubt download ludo game are highly famous board these days. You can also improve your skills by playing ludo game

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